Here's to You Inventors

Start-ups are powered by innovation. Part of an entrepreneur’s job description involves creating new ideas that can result in intellectual property (IP) assets. These assets are the underlying infrastructure that drive creativity forward, bringing new products and experiences to market for people to enjoy.

Companies with a solid IP portfolio typically exit for two to three times the value of companies without intellectual property assets. Despite the repeated success of IP based companies, intellectual property valuation remains complex and inaccessible to inventors who lack the resources and experience to develop their own IP assets. That’s where we come in.


When the Lightbulb Went On

The founder of Aventurine, David Van Wie is an inventor and entrepreneur whose interest in problem solving was inspired by his parents and their pioneering contributions to science.
David's mother was a chemist who developed the first nuclear chain reaction with Enrico Fermi at the University of Chicago. David’s father was an inventor who worked as a physicist for the Atomic Energy Commission’s Manhattan Project.
While working in the publishing industry, David’s father invented new optical printing techniques and practical solutions for large scale printing operations that reduced pollution by helping to increase the recovery of hazardous printing solvents.

Growing up, David was encouraged to look beyond the surface of any problem to find solutions that can be applied in the real world. He found that the origins of an invention are often hidden in its history, a discovery that motivated his life-long passion for uncovering deeper meaning in the “story behind the story.”
Inspired by his roots and a love for new science, David grew to see life’s challenges in the same way as his parents, as “problems and possibilities”. His curiosity and aptitude for analysis resulted in his problem-solving philosophy: challenges represent a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Our Story: IP is the New Black

Aventurine is a new type of private equity investment firm built around a core group of analysts, inventors, founders and entrepreneurs who identify and connect commercially viable inventions with knowledge and capital.
Aventurine provides capital as specialized debt secured by patents and technology, as well as traditional equity investments. We also acquire operating companies in need of a fresh strategy and liquidity for existing investors. The result is a sustainable business model that brings innovative ideas to market and creates an opportunity for inventors and investors to maximize their success.
The combined experience of the Aventurine team has brought hundreds of ideas to market and we appreciate the effort and commitment that it takes to bring an idea to life. Our expertise in analyzing and managing IP assets, securing patents and building IP value combined with our real-world experience gives us the ways and means to assist IP-rich companies in reaching their fullest potential.

Why Intellectual Property?

The Creative Class comprises almost a third of today’s workforce; the resulting advancements in science, engineering, technology, education and research are at an all-time high.
Intellectual Property assets – patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights – contribute now more than ever to a company’s enterprise value. In many cases, IP assets return higher profit margins than other asset classes.

Why Now?

The effects of new technology and intellectual property assets with the globalization of IP rights management have created arbitrage opportunities specific to the intellectual assets of a company. This presents a new opportunity to draw on the success of IP rich companies and evaluate IP assets and their projected value with more precision.
Pioneers like Apple and Google are working examples of how a strong IP portfolio can have positive effects on a company’s valuation. The explosion in valuation of more recent IP-rich success stories, including Tesla®, Dolby Labs®, Digimarc® and GoPro® - make it clear that identifying the true value of an early-stage company’s working technology is key in creating long-term value for investors and inventors.
That’s what Aventurine does.

How We Do It

Aventurine's investment managers have world-class skills in developing and commercializing product technology, patents, licensable trade secrets, and trademarks. Our deal teams are experienced with all types of private financing transactions, as well as IPOs and mergers. Aventurine business operators focus on operational excellence, professional engineering, and high margin sales.
Our process begins with an Investment Committee – a team of investment analysts who find qualified investment leads and select the best opportunities to go through the vetting process. In addition to selecting investments, the committee also provides on-going support to Aventurine’s portfolio companies and works closely with founders and investors to target an ideal exit strategy.
When Aventurine has selected an IP-rich company for investment, our team of Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs)
lends a hand to maximize the opportunity. These specialists consult with companies in their field of expertise and work side-by-side with founders and employees through our accelerator program, as well as other long-term programs to leverage growth opportunities and help build portfolio value over time.

A true "village of ideas" culminated in the first successful plane flight by the Wright Brothers in the early 1900's.

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