Here's to You Inventors

Today’s start-up business market is bursting with inventive energy. Every day entrepreneurs dream up groundbreaking new ideas that result in rich intellectual property (IP) assets, which drive innovation forward to make the world a better place.

Yet despite the success of many IP-driven companies and global initiatives to harmonize intellectual property rules and rights around the world, the field of IP valuation remains complex and funding is scarce unless an idea has a clear advantage on a ledger sheet. This reality limits inventors who lack the resources & experience to develop their IP assets to the fullest. That’s where we come in.


When the Lightbulb Went On

Our story begins with our founder, David Van Wie, a successful inventor and entrepreneur whose interest in innovative problem-solving was inspired by his father who served as a physicist for the Atomic Energy Commission’s Manhattan Project. His mother worked as a chemist for Enrico Fermi at the University of Chicago during the 1940's.
Later during his career in the publishing industry, David’s father invented new optical printing techniques and practical solutions for large scale printing operations that reduced pollution and the often hazardous recovery of printing solvents. His innovation was not only better for business, but also better for the environment.

From a very young age, David was encouraged to look beyond the surface of any problem – to find solutions that can be applied to the real world – and that the true story of any invention is often found in its history and heritage. Hence began David’s life-long pursuit of the “story behind the story.”
It may have been his love of science. Or, it may have been his skills in math. More likely, it was the influence of a father who presented all challenges to him as ‘problems and possibilities’. Whatever the inspiration, David’s relentless curiosity and analytical mind helped him view the world as simply a bunch of puzzles waiting to be solved.

Our Story: IP is the New Black

Aventurine is a new type of private equity investment firm built around a core group of analysts, inventors, founders and entrepreneurs whose role is to identify and connect commercially viable inventions with knowledge and capital.
Our funds provide capital as both specialized debt secured by patents and technology, as well as traditional equity investments. We also acquire operating companies in need of a fresh strategy & liquidity for existing investors. This unique funding approach makes it easier for both investors and inventors to be successful. The result is a sustainable business model that fuels the spirit of invention and creates opportunity through the power of ideas.
Our seasoned team of multi-disciplinary experts have brought hundreds of ideas to market. Like you, we celebrate the sweat, blood and tears it takes to bring an idea to fruition. This real-world innovation experience, combined with our depth and breadth of expertise in analyzing and managing IP assets, securing patents and building IP value, allows us to specialize in assisting IP-rich companies to realize their fullest potential.
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Why Intellectual Property?

With the Creative Class comprising almost a third of today’s workforce, advancements and innovations in science, engineering, technology, education and research are at an all time high.
Intellectual Property assets – patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights, among others – are contributing more than ever to a company’s enterprise value. In many cases, IP assets return higher profit margins than other asset classes.

Why Now?

In this fast-paced digital age, the combined effect of ever-increasing technology and intellectual property assets, along with the globalization of IP rules and rights management, have created a wave of arbitrage opportunities specific to the intellectual assets of a company that have historically been inaccurately represented on a balance sheet.
Pioneers like Apple, Google and Facebook showed us the way to tremendous IP-fueled valuation. The explosion in valuation of more recent IP-rich success stories, including Tesla®, Twitch®, Oculus VR® and GoPro® – all companies that began with a single idea formulated in a garage, a dorm room, or the back of an open mind - make it clear that identifying the true value of an early-stage company’s intellectual property or working technology is key to creating long-term value for investors and inventors.
That’s what Aventurine does.

It Takes a Village

To fully realize the enormous opportunities in this category, and to make certain that Aventurine is as effective as possible in its role as an IP-centric private equity firm, we have assembled a virtual SWAT team of idea catchers, business strategists, brand and marketing gurus, technology experts and valuation specialists to help identify and build the value of IP assets for the benefit of inventors, founders, teammates and investment partners.
The process beings with our Investment Committee – Aventurine’s team of key individuals who seek out and identify qualified investment leads and then select the most appropriate candidates to go through the vetting process. In addition to selecting candidates, the committee members also provide on-going support to Aventurine’s portfolio companies and they work with company founders and investors to identify the ideal exit strategy.
The moment Aventurine has identified a prospective IP-rich company for investment, our team of Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) step in to help maximize each opportunity. These specialists are cast in a mentor role based on their field of expertise and they work side-by-side with company founders and staff through our accelerator program and other long-term programs to leverage growth opportunities and help build portfolio value over time.

A true "village of ideas" culminated in the first successful plane flight by the Wright Brothers in the early 1900's. Read more about this amazing, century-spanning backstory on our Inventors Blog.

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