What is Aventurine?

      Aventurine Capital Management is an investment manager and capital advisor. We specialize in technology companies that bring new science and engineering systems to market.

Our Services

      Aventurine offers advisory services based on a proven track record and over 30 years of experience in technology markets. Our services focus on intellectual property analysis and valuation, business strategy and planning, and IP asset management. Our team has a background in all areas of finance and business operations including start-ups, mid-stage companies, IPO candidates and mergers. In addition, Aventurine provides access to investors, entrepreneurial advisors and world-class professionals.
      Aventurine’s service offerings address:

      Fundraising & Capital Introductions
      Marketing Strategy
      Product Development
      Finance & Business Operations
      Mergers & Acquisitions

      Intellectual property assets appreciate in value as their underlying market grows. When properly leveraged they can generate substantial improvements in valuation and new strategic options. Our IP Cluster™ valuation methodology is both comprehensive and accurate. Better valuations create new fundraising opportunities and more effective asset management strategies.