David Van Wie

Chief Executive Officer

David has both led and advised companies from founding to exit. He thrives on the start-up zeal of entrepreneurship and works with business leaders to turn their long term visions into successful investments. His operating experience and investment background span multiple markets that are driven by innovation and rapid changes in technology. David has extensive experience in venture finance, international business, M&A and public offerings.
David founded or co-founded five startups, including two resulting in IPOs, and several successful solo businesses. At a corporate level, David has served on the boards of over a dozen private companies as both an independent director and as a financial investor. He has also been an officer and a director of a public company. As an independent adviser, David has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and CEOs in North America, Europe and Asia to focus and execute their strategic plans and financial exits.
David has been recognized for his pioneering contributions to computer science and communication theory in the fields of digital rights management, secure distributed computing and social communications. David is named on over 250 issued US patents and published applications. His background spans all phases of portfolio prosecution, licensing, litigation and partnering. The issued patents have generated billions of dollars in royalties and licensing relationships with leading global businesses over many years. The following chart shows publishing dates for David’s patents in two major portfolios.

David's early work in digital rights management, watermarking and secure computing has been cited over 36,000 times by leading global companies. Listed here are the top 25 companies to cite David’s work at InterTrust.