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Company Details

  • Name : Garage Games
  • Category : Cloud Technologies

Company Description


GarageGames is a video game developer and publisher. It also develops several game engines targeted for indie development. Founded in Eugene, Oregon, it is now located in Las Vegas,Nevada, USA, where it was moved after being acquired by IAC in 2007. GarageGames was renamed InstantAction after its acquisition.  It was renamed back to GarageGames in January 20, 2011 after its purchase by Graham Software Development.

GarageGames was founded in Eugene, Oregon in 2000 by four industry veterans: Jeff Tunnell, Tim Gift, Rick Overman, and Mark Frohnmayer. The founders literally worked in their garage on severance checks. The name GarageGames is intentionally similar to the term “garage band”, and is meant to evoke a similar concept in game development. The stated goal of GarageGames is to offer licensing of game engines and publishing to virtually anyone, in contrast to leaving would-be game makers at the mercy of large publishers driven by sales in the retail channel.