Aventurine has firm experience in this burgeoning field, which is transforming multiple industries including construction, food production and urban infrastructure.

Company Details

  • Name : Tucker Engineering
  • Category : Sustainable Development

Company Description

Tucker Engineering has extensive experience in hazardous and contaminated soil remediation, excavation, general construction, grading, demolition, shoring, dewatering and a variety of other general engineering skills. Tucker Engineering outperforms the competition on projects with complicated conditions such as wet soils, tight urban spaces, or sophisticated project dependencies.

Tucker projects include a wide variety or public and private projects with an emphasis on mass excavation. Projects include water treatment plants, large apartment buildings, commercial building and hotel basements, parking structures, and housing pads.

Tucker Engineering was recently listed in the Silicon Valley Business Journal on the Fast 50 (50 fastest growing companies) and the 17th largest woman-owned business in Silicon Valley.