The services we offer can be limited or customized. From financing to management, we find solutions to any obstacle barring your potential.

Principal Investing

Aventurine places capital in companies where rich intellectual property value is the focus of the investment thesis. We typically invest $2M - $20M in mid-stage companies that need growth financing; we also invest in later stage companies that were too early to market. Aventurine’s core competencies include identifying valuable intellectual property and markets while driving operational excellence.

IP Strategic Advisory

Aventurine implements strategies that create and leverage valuable intellectual property to drive shareholder value. Under the right management, IP generates revenue, decreases the cost of capital, creates expense efficiencies, and drives exit premiums. Aventurine’s multi-disciplinary team applies modern IP strategies and experience in creating solid IP portfolios as well as the monetization processes.

Operating Strategy

Our team of experts consult with portfolio companies to ensure targeted marketing, resource-based planning and scalable operational management. We thoroughly assess business plans and work cooperatively to grow your team through our extensive network.

Exit Management

By participating in the governance of a company with a seat on the board, we identify the milestones required to prepare the company for sale. Then we advise you through the entire exit process – from pricing, merchandising, securing bankers, selling and ultimately negotiating the deal. As a vested partner in the outcome, we win when you win.

Our Approach

We’re inventors, founders and entrepreneurs just like you. To us, business IS personal. We've had experience on both sides of the negotiating table and take a hands-on approach to the stewardship of all our portfolio companies.
Aventurine targets companies with rich intellectual property potential and commercially viable assets that have not been fully leveraged. Our investment committee and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence provide a breadth of expertise in managing IP assets, securing patents and building IP value that allows us to assess the potential valuation of your IP and help your company and inventions realize their fullest potential.
Aventurine acquires operating companies in need of a fresh strategy and an exit for existing investors; we also provide working capital in the form of debt secured by patents and technology. In addition, we make direct equity investments in qualified portfolio companies.