Sydney Plavins

Investor Relations | Social Media | Recruiter

Sydney has a passion for entrepreneurship and has dedicated her career to helping businesses grow to their fullest potential. As co-founder of Aventurine, Sydney grew the company from its seed stage through recruitment, marketing, business planning and customer outreach. As recruiter and social media strategist for Aventurine, Sydney is responsible for operations as well as hiring, social media and investor relations. Sydney also works on deal marketing and building relationships with limited partner prospects.
Sydney began her career at a private investment company where she administered operating functions including portfolio company management, consulting, planning and internal controls. Sydney was involved in exiting Rumblefish where she excelled at senior personnel selection and management, supporting board participation, and fostering syndicate partner relationships. Sydney also gained experience in syndication and supporting board participation through her work on Sococo.
In her free time, Sydney enjoys hiking and yoga as well as spending time with her husband, son, and five pets.