Startups are busy.

Well constructed IP can drive great enterprise value, especially for new science startups but it is many times overlooked, leading to missed opportunities and unplanned costs down the road. We have developed a simple structure and methodology to approach IP specifically designed to support new science ventures. 


How We Think About IP

It's important to determine how IP can support a company’s commercial goals and create a viable strategy. As we work with startups, we explore the following areas to provide structure and a clear plan, independent of where you are in your startup journey. 

Explore Paths for Monetization

Prepare for Growth and Exit

Process & Management

How can my IP reduce financial risk?

How can I build an IP strategy with limited capital?

Am I thinking about my IP as a strategic asset?

What's your
IP Strategy?

What is my licensing potential?

Get Started with our IP Strategy Brief

We take a different approach to IP Strategy, consisting of design-led work sessions, market research, analysis and strategic outcomes. Through collaboration with entrepreneurs, inventors, and subject matter experts we create a monetization strategy centered around your IP.


Let us be your guide.

Intellectual Property  Meets Design Thinking