Most companies develop IP with a defensive moat strategy in mind.

We think toll gates.

This strategy positively impacts growth opportunities, scenario planning and exit values.

How can my IP reduce financial risk?

How can I build an IP strategy with limited capital?

Am I thinking about my IP as a strategic asset?

What's your
IP Strategy?

What is my licensing potential?

Our proprietary tools and processes provide a systematic approach to success. 

Compose Analysis™

Compose Analysis is used to visualize ventures based on the four criteria: Science, Venture, Engineering & Social Policy.

IP Cluster System™

The IP Cluster System provides assessment of the potential of the intellectual property for the venture.

We specialize in
360º IP Asset Management

Product Strategy



Cradle to Grave IP Asset Management

Select Load Bearing IP Portfolio Acquisitions

IP Strategy Brief

We take a different approach to IP Strategy, consisting of design-led work sessions, market research, analysis and strategic outcomes. Through collaboration with entrepreneurs, inventors, and subject matter experts we create a monetization strategy centered around your IP.


Let us be your guide.

Work Sessions:

Work Sessions: Analysis

Work Sessions:


IP Brief

Strategic Report

Session Recordings

A Proven Approach to IP Monetization