Making it Safe to Invent Again

We are a team of inventors and innovators - scientists, engineers, law scholars, economists, designers and entrepreneurs with passion and desire to bring science to market. Our mission includes education and promotion of stronger IP protections to fuel and support innovation.

Commercializing scientific research

Promoting scientists and inventors in society

Supporting sustainable technologies

A Renaissance in Intellectual Property

The Renaissance was a period of European cultural, artistic, political, and economic rebirth following the Middle Ages. During this time, patent law was established in Venice giving way to a new class of artisan - the inventor. Fast forward to the modern world, in the late 20th century something similar occurred in modern society, not in art or politics, but in the approach to and economics around intellectual property.

At this time, Aventurine founder and Chief Investment Officer, David Van Wie was working with the team at InterTrust to design and create what has been called the most valuable patent family in history - a series of patents used in every smartphone from 1996 to 2016. David brought this same approach to Aventurine.

But it's not just about economics, it's about creation, discovery and innovation. It's about scientists and inventors who are so vitally important to our society and critical to our future. It is our mission to leverage our collective knowledge and expertise to fuel a new renaissance in intellectual property, making it safe to invent again.