University Partner Program

Protecting research,
commercializing IP

Our partner program for universities is designed to support the needs of the key participants in the commercialization process including research centers, innovation groups, Tech Transfer, and the Office of Trademarks & Licensing. 

An IP-Centric, Value Driven
Tech Transfer Support Process 

We work with tech transfer to support existing processes and accelerate getting science to market. We understand the challenges facing universities and science startups. The amount of research coming from academia is significant. Most university staff have more than they can handle. Traditional paths to market through the creation and evolution of operating companies are time consuming and expensive causing increasing demands on university resources. We can help.


Our approach to commercialization of intellectual property rapidly identifies opportunities of value generation for research and IP. As part of our proprietary methodology and IP Commercialization Program, our IP Commercialization Roadmap (IPCR) is designed to deliver results quickly and efficiently through a series of design thinking collaboration sessions. These sessions and supporting services are fundable through the Technical and Business Assistance Program (TABA). 

For startups and universities, we also offer an IP Commercialization Workshop designed to facilitate IP-centric thought processes for commercialization of IP.

For more information on our University Partner Program, contact us.