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for the future.

To advance commercially viable scientific research

To promote the interests of inventors in society​

To create technologies for the betterment of civilization

An Experienced Team

















Scientist, Engineer,

Lifelong Inventor

Experienced at invention of market changing IP monetization strategies


Named on 600+ patents, referenced on over 18,000 patents by global companies including Microsoft & Apple

Financial Strategist

& Entrepreneur

25 Year Silicon Valley veteran with IPO & management history including large transaction experience


20 Year tech financier,
startup coach & advisor

David Van Wie

David Van Wie

Founder &

Chief Investment Officer


Stan Hanks

General Partner



Stan is an experienced technologist and executive, fluent in legal and financial arcana. He is a "big picture" strategist with a long term view, but comfortable with fine technical detail and financial consequences of immediate actions.

He has been founder or key man in 14 startups, with 9 exits including 5 IPOs. As a PE operator he acquired 9 entities and had four exits. As an institutional venture investor, he has made 8 investments with four exits so far.

He has been involved with patent prosecution and enforcement, with significant involvement in monetization and licensing endeavors.

Star Read

Star Read

General Partner



Star is a 3rd generation UC Berkeley alum, graduating in 2001 with a Pre-Med BA degree in Integrative Biology. She first worked as an investment analyst for Bay Angels, with thousands of accredited investors and VCs. Star identified investment targets, performed due diligence, and helped entrepreneurs develop compelling presentations for monthly pitch sessions. She helped structure $1.5M in equity financing across 10 companies and later worked with other Angel and Venture groups, including Keiretsu Forum, NanoSIG, and Alameda Capital, a fund in formation where she helped write the extensive private placement memorandum to secure $5M from lead investor, Eastman Chemical.  


In addition to over 8 years in venture, Star has spent 10 years as a successful sales and business development professional in various roles with L’Oreal, VH1, Cisco Meraki, and most recently OneLogin, where she built and ran the MSP business and structured strategic partnerships representing over 2M cloud service licenses including DELL, RSA and Proofpoint.

Sydney Plavins

Sydney Plavins



Sydney Plavins is an entrepreneur, investor, and recruiter. As co-founder of Aventurine, Sydney grew the company from its seed stage and is responsible for operations as well as hiring, business planning, and investor relations.

Sydney started her career at a private equity company where she administered operating functions including portfolio company management, consulting, planning and internal controls. Sydney was involved in a number of notable exits where she supported board participation and facilitated syndicate partner relationships.

Specialties: Investments, Entrepreneurship, Due Diligence, Social Media, Recruiting, Investor Relations, Business Planning, Project Planning, Patents, Managerial Finance, Internal Controls, Private Equity

Charla Triplett

Charla Triplett


Commercial Science


For over 20 years, Charla has worked with entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, marketing and business teams, inside companies (large and small), nonprofits, and universities. She is a results-oriented leader with demonstrated strength in new business development, strategy and building programs. Charla uses her science and engineering background, combined with her business acumen and experience bringing together expertise in research, design and strategy in the medical device and digital health space.

She worked as a product development strategist for a design firm and in business development for an interactive digital marketing agency. Early in her career, Charla spent over 15 years focused on connecting industry and academia in the area of Biomedical Engineering, including founding and running a non-profit with this mission and working with over 60 Universities nationwide. She holds an M.S. in Bioengineering from Oregon State University, a B.S. in Microbiology from Washington State University and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Arizona State University.

Kevin Crawford

Kevin Crawford
Partner, Business Operations


Building cultures of innovation that embody core values, deliver brand promises, and fulfill organizational vision is foundational in Kevin Crawford’s career contributions. He develops and engages teams by facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration while fostering an environment of knowledge and skill expansion. Utilizing process and structure, he leverages collective wisdom to create the framework necessary to realize desired outcomes and timely project progression. With 20-plus years in corporate and start-up environments, Kevin enables the operational foundation needed to help entrepreneurs and inventors succeed through engaging with our team at Aventurine.


Becky Priebe

Head of Design


Becky Priebe has 15+ years of experience in technology design and education working with companies worldwide, including Microsoft Xbox Innovation, NVIDIA, McLaren Automotive, Deutsche Telecom, Cisco and a number of technology startups. She has built and run global design teams working on the newest technologies in agile environments. In her current role as Head of Design and Experience, she collaborates with product and technology leaders to bring new science technologies to market.


Avery Lu
Research Lead


Avery Lu is a high-tech business executive with over 25 years of professional experience in both corporations and startups. 


He is a three-time startup co-founder and entrepreneur presently working in the venture capital industry as Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Director, Investments at ActionSpot Startup Studio, and as Investment Research Lead at Aventurine Capital Group, LLC, an IP-focused investment fund with specialty to commercialization. Prior to this, Avery co-founded Palo Alto Scientific, an AI sports analytics and wearable company with the goal of helping athletes avoid pain and injury, while improving performance, where he served as Chief Marketing Officer, and co-founded WBGlobalSemi, a power management semiconductor company focused on commercialization of Silicon Carbide technology, serving as Head of Business Development, Marketing & Sales.


Previously, Avery served as Vice President of Business Development, Marketing and Sales at Focus Product Design, an end-to-end product design firm enabling inventors to take their ideas and vision from concept to product commercialization. He has worked for Xilinx, Viewlogic Systems, Cypress Semiconductor, Winbond Electronics, American Microsystems, Toshiba Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies and NXP Semiconductors across all critical roles of an organization: Field Applications Engineering, Global Account Management, Product Marketing, Segment Marketing and Business Development.


At NXP, Avery was responsible for global business development and industrial market segments across all BUs, collaborating with different product lines within NXP to present a unified and tailored solution for strategic customers like Cisco, Honeywell and Whirlpool. During his tenure at Infineon Technologies, he served as Product Marketing Manager for Power Management Multimarket, as well as Segment Marketing Manager for Solar & Energy Storage and Server markets, where he grew the business with Apple, Google, FaceBook, Cisco and Tesla.


Avery is a Senior Member of the IEEE and former 2015-2016 Chapter Chair of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society in Silicon Valley. He serves on the Board of Directors of CASPA (Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association), and the Advisory Board of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at his alma mater, Santa Clara University, where he earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering.