Aventurine Studio Success Story

“On behalf of the Intellext founders, I would like to thank the Aventurine team for an outstanding experience! We not only have a solid foundation on which to build our IP strategy, but we also have clarity on what we’re building, with whom we should partner, and just as importantly, what we’re not doing."

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David Chan, CEO

Is your IP Foundational?

Foundational IP solves a big problem in a brand new way by
pioneering a major advance never before achieved.
It is a distinct step in solving a well known technological roadblock or obstacle - Foundational IP can be world changing. 

Who owns the world’s most valuable family of patents?

"The runaway success of the iPhone, which is such a profit driver for Apple, might lead you to pick out the Cupertino business. Or perhaps its tech rival Google and the IP which underpins its giant search engine. Or maybe it’s a giant from the world of brand name pharma whose IP can underpin multi-billion-dollar drugs.  

But according to a new patent value index—known as PVIX—which has just been launched by Unified Patents, it is none of those corporate behemoths. Instead, it is InterTrust, the Bay Area business with a strong track record in tech and IP licensing, which possesses the asset that comes out on top.”

IAM Media

A Proven Approach to IP Commercialization

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Omega Fund

An IP Capital Endowment

We invest in intellectual property

The Omega Fund provides IP Capital to scientists and research scientists with foundational intellectual property in six practice areas.






Life Science






Secure Platforms 


Creating legacy, 
protecting research 

Our IP Commercialization Program is designed to accelerate commercialization of scientific research. Through a series of custom interactive modules and supporting follow-on services, we bring Foundational IP to market.

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IP Commercialization

Making impact,
advancing science

We have established the first ever commercial Scientist-in-Residence (SiR) program designed to use collective brain power to bring scientific research to market. Our SiRs work directly with other scientists and commercialization experts to make societal and market impact with foundational science and intellectual property. 

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