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Solving America's Innovation Crisis

October 3, 2022

The United States is widely viewed as the land of innovation and opportunity. For decades, Americans’ profound spirit of entrepreneurship has pushed our economy forward, leading to many modern advances that created the world we live in today. However, America finds itself at a crisis point: our leading companies are not innovating at the same rate, and early-stage innovators are not receiving the financial support they once did. As a result, our nation’s place as the leader of global modernization is in jeopardy.

This slowdown in innovation has far ranging consequences - from diminishing America’s position in global competition to preventing the commercialization of new technologies that could help us overcome future economic crises. To face the many challenges to come in the 21st century and beyond, it is vital that the United States fosters a rapid increase in innovation.

At Aventurine, we are taking a new approach to investing in American innovation. Because our fund is perpetual we can afford to focus on long-term investments in early-stage intellectual property and the technology companies seeking to commercialize breakthroughs in deep technology markets. By focusing on sectors such as robotics, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, life sciences, secure systems, and energy, our aim is to help bring products and technologies to market that will help America maintain its position as a global leader.

By investing in fundamental technologies at the ground floor, Aventurine not only benefits from capital gains returns, but from the broad based and long-term royalties that foundational intellectual property assets create. This is a new and groundbreaking approach to deep-tech investing - the first viable way to support and monetize early-stage IP development in a diversified, multi-market approach. With a focus on technologies that have multi-market applications in Aventurine’s targeted sectors, our perpetual fund protects the investor’s downside so that we can unlock stacked returns from licensing revenues for investors who might have otherwise shied away from such early-stage investments.

With decades of combined experience investing in and partnering with innovators and early-stage companies, Aventurine’s leadership is uniquely positioned to be a guiding hand to inventors and intellectual property holders.

In following blog posts, my colleagues and I will discuss the various factors that led to America’s innovation crisis, the limitations of the venture capital investment model when investing in early-stage technology, and how Aventurine further provides a solution to America’s gap in innovation.

Solving America’s innovation crisis is going to require a new way of thinking. The current systems for investing in innovation must be improved. Aventurine’s goal is to support the next generation of American scientists, engineers and technology entrepreneurs as they bring their ideas and innovations from the lab to the market. If we succeed in that endeavor, we can not only solve our innovation crisis, but leave it in the rearview mirror.


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