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The Time is Right to Invest in Deep Tech

For decades, the technology industry has been a leader in innovation, revolutionizing our daily lives. We have become accustomed to breakthrough improvements in the way we live, health care, the way we communicate, and the way we are entertained.

We have become reliant on the tech industry to provide the breakthroughs that will help us confront the challenges we face in the world today.

In recent years, the industry giants have hit a roadblock. From failed "breakthrough" technologies to heightened government scrutiny and legal challenges, it's clear that these companies are struggling to maintain their edge.

Meta (the company formerly known as Facebook) - once the darling of the tech world, it's now facing backlash over privacy concerns and a lack of practical applications. Twitter has been struggling with political, social, and economic realities in the Elon Musk era. Tesla has failed to make good on their promise of self driving cars. AI voice assistants have been limited to trivial uses like playing your favorite song or turning on the lights. The bold predictions have yet to live up to the hype.

We wanted flying cars and bases on the moon, and instead we got legless torsos floating in a low-res world.

We have been waiting for the FAANG companies to solve the problems of global warming; but I think our expectations are misplaced. The big tech companies of today made innovations in the way we find information and the way advertising and products are delivered to us. They excel here, and when they have made advances into areas outside of their expertise, the results have been lacking. Amazon is extremely optimized toward a singular goal; to sell and deliver a wide range of merchandise. They are probably not going to be fixing climate change any time soon.

The big five are now mature companies that should stick to their knitting and do what they are expected to do as mature publicly traded companies, which is to focus on creating returns for their shareholders.

This presents an opportunity for deep tech ventures to step in and lead.

There is a changing of the guard that is about to happen. The next Intel has already been founded. The core technologies that will underpin the next century of progress are presently infants.

Deep tech ventures aim to solve large and fundamental challenges to society. Companies like Microsoft have recognized the potential of deep tech and are making the correct decision by investing in it. Microsoft's multi-billion investment in OpenAI, ChatGPT's parent company, is a prime example of this.

There are expectations for tremendous growth in the quantum market, along with the advancement of AI. Enthusiasm in the field of robotics is also gaining traction, with Goldman Sachs projecting that the robotics market will reach $150 billion by 2035. The companies that invest in these types of foundational technologies will be the leaders of the next decade.

Innovation in times of crisis often leads to the most impactful inventions. In the face of climate change, food insecurity, health crises, and international insecurity, there is an urgent need for solutions. Deep tech ventures are at the forefront of this movement, offering up potential solutions through technological advancements.

Investors can support these early-stage companies, and Aventurine has created a fund model that specializes in deep tech investments to fill the current gap in innovation funding.

We have created a perpetual IP investment fund and unique business model, allowing us to invest earlier than others traditionally have, and we have more flexibility in how we capture the value from the investment in the long-term. Focusing on deep tech providing innovative solutions, and licensing revenue of the associated IP for years to come, is what sets Aventurine apart from other investment firms.

The era of the current crop of big tech dominance is waning, and the time is ripe for investing in early-stage deep tech founders and inventors to kick off the next wave of what will become the titans of tomorrow.

With the potential for tremendous growth and impact, deep tech ventures offer a promising opportunity for investors looking to support innovation that addresses society's most pressing challenges.

There has never been a better time to invest in deep tech, and Aventurine intends to lead the way for years to come.


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